Headed by Matt Donahoe, who fuses his native Midwestern roots with exposure to both East and West Coast sensibilities, bureau focuses on imagining environments that reflect purpose, style, and comfort. Donahoe, an avid collector of found objects, architectural fragments and objet d’art, personally curates each project with both local and global instincts. Striking that powerful balance between classic and contemporary points of view, Donahoe and his team forge memorable surroundings where attention to detail is evident at every pass with a mix of textures and layers. 

At its core, bureau believes interior design must radiate the personality and lifestyle of the client. Our desire to deliver unforgettable spaces hinges on a commitment to unwavering quality, impeccable taste, and a full-cycle design process that enhances the end result. We are focused on clear communication from the get-go and always having the client's best interests and wishes at the forefront.